bts He has shown us to be one of his greatest exponents in the musical of the k pop, although recently the group announced a statement, on Tuesday, reporting on its ninth anniversary, the temporary separation in order to focus on their individual careers.

Suga ensures, throughout his conversation among his peers the idea of ​​taking a break, like MRI I express that it was time to take a break out of necessity, due to constant fatigue due to the rhythm of production, since BTS is heard worldwide.

The singers have expressed that during this time, they have had to face strong situations, since each one loses identity or the need to seek separate paths, with the idea of ​​prioritizing solo activities.

Nevertheless, Jungkook I clarify certain details with a message, which surprised all its fans, denying all kinds of possibility that separates the group, through the platform Live:

“Currently, as a group we have to solve many things, The Bangtan for me, they are my family and waking up tomorrow, without you it would be a disaster.”

In addition Jungkook expresses the following words:

“This not only means that we will do more solo activities, we will continue with our group activities.”

“BTS, it will be forever, just to be clear, we are not breaking up.”

“We’ll go on forever, you know that too.”

Adding that new projects for the group are approaching very soon.

BTS will definitely be for life!