In agreement to be selected as Honorary Ambassadors for the exhibition world 2030 of Busan in Korea of South, members Jungkook Y Jimin they return to their hometown and fulfill one of their greatest dreams, which completely excites ARMY.

Being thus representatives of culture and tourism in Korea, they were recognized for their music worldwide, in this each member received an official appointment that I am very happy for ARMY, accepting a plaque as ambassadors, expressing Jungkook Y Jimin who have already fulfilled their goal in their personal life, returning to Korea After several years.

His native home is stationed in seoul and although the group from the beginning, they explain that reaching each goal fulfilled and achieved, always causes pain and sadness inside, despite leaving their homes to continue sleeping, they admit that it was difficult to lose that innocence of early age to meet your goals.

Leaving for example Jimin who had to move in with Jungkook in their apartment, with only the age of 15, and having recently been appointed as honorary ambassadors, just the fact of returning home, they feel the emotion of seeing their relatives happy and happy for such an achievement in their musical career .

In the video they shared of the event, you can see that they both looked happy, nervous and even smiled at each other: