The members have always gifted to stay in good condition to demonstrate their incredible physique in various of their performances, but they maintain a grueling routine by dancing and singing at the same time, and have even held dance duels to see who is the best, but in sometimes his routine is also based on increasing strength, so Jungkook Y Jimin They faced each other in a duel to see who is stronger.

In the case of the members, the two are considered great dancers, since they have studied dance as something of passion that motivates them to continue on stage, maintaining their body lines of their body, but the only difference is that Jungkook trains Box, taking different exercise routines, so it is unknown who would be the member with the greatest strength, thus demonstrating it in the famous arm wrestling game.

According to a video of their first promotions, the members decided to play an arm wrestling duel, in which they were very young and did not show their physique as they currently have it, but without a doubt it was a competition of great emotion for the two and the rest of the members around him.

Leaving the clear winner to Jungkook, due to their notable difference in age and strength, enjoying a fun moment between the members: