The popular American actor and singer has assured that Olivia rodrigo He has a responsibility as an artist at the moment of expressing his experience in the relationship that both had and that was the basis for the creation of his debut album. “Sour”.

For all music lovers, we know very consciously that this year was without a doubt the year of Olivia Rodrigo. The young debut artist has enjoyed great success worldwide thanks to her album “Sour”, releasing the Smash-Hits “Drivers License” and “Good 4 u”, and which also remains the most broadcast worldwide in all streaming platforms. However, the album has also had certain controversies.

One of them is precisely the origin or inspiration that Olivia had to create it. This inspiration has mostly come from her relationship with Joshua Bassett.

And it is here where the young actor and singer has held Olivia responsible in his most recent interview for the perspective that his fans give to the relationship they both had.

“A lot of times people say ‘well don’t blame the artists, blame their fans’, but I think we really should see how much you are responsible as an artist for the conversations that take place around your art. Obviously, you can’t control everything, but that shouldn’t be underestimated. “

What do you think of Joshua Bassett’s statements?