Jordan Haj (33) recycled at the premiere of the film Expired Gate, which he performed a month ago at the Diamond Ball in Brno. She pulls the same clothes out of the closet more often than the well-known wearer of the old models, Kate Middleton. It also seems that the cap that the musician put on his head has a long history. He appeared in it at the premiere of Tenet.

Jordan Haj dressed up in retro style for the film premiere of the thriller Obsolete. To any fashion connoisseur, he could certainly remind him of a lover of tracksuits from the housing estate, but the truth is that retro squirts more than ever. Haj dressed in a combination of styles from times long past, from which he recovered what he liked. He didn’t forget the nail polish and the proper rings. Emma Smetana she complemented her 80’s husband in fitting glam rock boots in the 1970s.

It was unnoticed that Haj decided to recycle some of the pieces from his closet. For example, we already saw the trousers in which he went to Lucerna at Diamond Ball in Brno, which took place relatively recently.

Jordan Haj and Emma Smetana

Brno danced in March this year. Haj thus recycles outfits more often than Kate Middleton, who is already famous for showing herself here and there in the same – but stitched – clothes.

Favorite pants at the Diamond Ball in Brno

Apparently, Haj did not only recycle his favorite loose trousers, it seems that he also came to the company in a cap, in which he was captured by photographers before, specifically at the premiere of the film Tenet.

Jordan Haj and Emma Smetana

Premiere of Christopher Nolan’s film Tenet and Jordan’s favorite cap

Emma and Jordan are well-known proponents of a sustainable lifestyle, so it’s nice that even among Czech celebrities, there are those who are not afraid to experiment with their style, revive “old” pieces and not throw them in the trash. And when they build their personal style on it, it’s a piece of cake.