Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (Beverly Hills, January 15, 2007)
| photo: AP

The first-timers representing the Oscar-winning actress deployed a court escort on the flight before the SAG Awards in the hope that they would catch up with her handsome husband at a rare moment.

Unfortunately for them, he didn’t show up to the event, so they wanted to try again at the Oscars, according to the New York Post. Pitt’s lawyers, however, stopped the chase before closing the preliminary awards.

Bval pr, who divorced in 2016, has been fighting a complex battle for the ownership of the Château Miraval vineyards since last year, when Jolie sold her estate to the Russian company Stoli.

Pitt claims that his ex-wife was not authorized to sell her shares, nor would she have given him priority to buy them back, and refused to hand over the notes and documents she had obtained from him.

Angelina and Brad managed Chteau Miraval since 2008, in August 2014 they got married here after ten years of marriage.