KanyeWest, is abandoned by Camille Vasquez and his team of lawyers.

These weeks, the rapper kanye-west He has been in several arguments for anti-Semitic comments he has made on his social networks and in interviews, making inappropriate references to Jews.

The rapper these weeks has lost millionaire contracts with some brands, including adidas and Balenciaga. According to rumors, it is believed that the rapper forced several members of the team to watch a pornographic video. Which contributed to the cancellation of his contracts.

Adidas released a statement saying the following:

Adidas does not tolerate anti-Semitism and any other type of hate speech. Ye’s recent comments and actions have been unacceptable and violate the company’s values ​​of diversity and inclusion, mutual respect and fairness.”

The most viable option for kanye-west was to work with the Colombian lawyer, Camille Vasquez and his work team, who were the pillar in the case of “Johnny Deep Y Amber Heard».

According to information from Daily Mail, Camille Vasquez and his team dropped the case due to anti-Semitic comments made by the rapper.

Johnny Depp's lawyer refuses to defend Kanye West

One of the conditions set by the lawyers to work with the rapper was that he had to publicly apologize for the comments made towards Jews and the apologies against Afro-descendants with his campaign «White Lives Matter«.

actions that kanye-west He did not, for this reason the group of lawyers who were going to defend the rapper decided to withdraw from the case.

Johnny Depp's lawyer refuses to defend Kanye West

A source who works closely with the Daily Mail said:

“After Ye messed up again this weekend, Camille has refused to represent him. The group of lawyers wanted to go ahead with the case, on the condition that Kanye retract, but he has assured them that he will not, so they have broken the contract.”

The racism in USA It is a movement with a lot of power in the country, many citizens say they are afraid that these groups “reveal” themselves with the artist’s comments.

In social networks you can already see one of these groups in the streets, supporting the movement of Ye.

“For those of you who said we should ignore the comments from Kanye West. Explain how and why we should ignore him when his words have now further galvanized this group of white supremacists. This is no laughing matter. We have to stand up and protect our Jewish friends.”

The rapper has used his social networks, most of which have been suspended, to generate violence against Jews. «Death with 3 on Jewish people«, It is one of the most serious messages said by the singer.

Ye He has given several interviews to the media in which he says:

The Jews have taken over the black voice.

He also gave an interview to the media News Nationwhere I state that:

There is Jewish underground media mafia

Another action of the rapper for which he has earned the hatred of the African-American population, was when he went out to say publicly that george floyd, had died from fentanyl consumption and not from suffocation caused by the police. It was at that time that the movement was created “Black Lives Matter”. movement to which kanye-west, was against, creating the movement “White Lives Matter”.