The legendary American actor Johnny Depp has moved millions of fans around the world, thanks to the fact that he has once again taken his iconic character from Jack Sparrow in the saga of Pirates of the Caribbean, in order to fulfill the dream of a little fan, who unfortunately is in a terminal stage of a serious illness.

Johnny Depp He has once again demonstrated the kindness and humility that have always characterized him. And it is that on this occasion, the iconic interpreter has decided to once again take on the clothing of his legendary character from ‘Jack Sparrow’. The reasons are extremely moving.

Kori, a boy of only 11 years old and a fan of “Pirates of the Caribbean“, is in a terminal stage of cancer, has undergone two failed heart transplants and decided that he does not want to face the ordeal of a third party. He and his family Derbyshire, England, They don’t know how long he has to live, but they know very well that his hopes are very low.

That is why one of Kori’s last wishes was to talk to her idol, Jack Sparrow. And yes, the actor in charge of interpreting him has listened to his request and has given him what is undoubtedly the best gift he has ever received.

Johnny put on his famous pirate costume and decided to record a special message that read:

“I wish you the best of luck. I’m your number one fan Captain Kori. All respect and love, mate.

Kori’s disease has no cure, the little one was born with left ventricular hypoplasia syndrome, he received a new heart in 2018, but the organ was rejected by his body.

kori He has always said that if he ever needed another transplant, it’s something he would never go through again, so the minute I got the news, I knew this was only going one way,” said the boy’s mother. .

And you, did you like this beautiful detail of Johnny Depp?