The renowned actor Johnny Depphas been presented at the cannes film festival Being one of the most anticipated people, after all his long problems with his ex-partner, the famous actor attended this event to promote his new movie “Jeanne-du-Barry”, film where the actor had to play a French character.

For the Depp family, this event was perhaps very emotional, because both Johnny Depp and his daughter lily rose depp They were an assistant on the red carpet and each one with their personal project, the daughter of the famous actor is working on a series called “the idol” starring alongside The Weekndwhich promises to be one of the best series of the year.

The daughter of the protagonist of pirates of the Caribbean confirmed a few weeks ago that her heart is crushed and through social networks she made public her relationship with the rapper 070 shakeand as expected this was not an issue that went unnoticed on the red carpet.

Johnny Depp after receiving the love and affection of all the people who were at the film event, expressed what he thought of the romance between his daughter and the rapper, revealing that he was one of the first people to know about this love affair that began at the beginning of 2023, “I think Lily is very much in love and there is nothing else I want is for my daughter to love and be loved by the right person and the person who deserves her”, were the words of the actor.

It seems that the famous actor is very happy with the sentimental and professional situation that his daughter is currently going through, so his followers do not stop feeling affection and admiration for this great person who has won everyone’s hearts with each one. of his films and performances.