american actor Johnny Depp has returned to the big screens and red carpets for the release of the new film Jeanne-du-Barrywhere he was characterized by being the main protagonist, playing King Louis XV.

Although he was quite applauded on the red carpet that he attended for the Cannes Film Festival in France, various aspects of his return have been highly criticized. In the first place, his physical appearance, specifically his deteriorated teeth, was the topic of conversation among the followers who were there, and, on the other hand, it has created negative judgments by the experts who saw the premiere of the film that reflects his new beginning.

the actor of 59 years he played King Louis XV, wearing quite old costumes and also speaking French. Although the criticism is due to the fact that he did not speak the French language very well, it was also pointed out that his return has been «a real disappointment«.

The movie critic Robby Collin affirmed to Daily Telegraph «Admittedly, his French isn’t bad, but his actual seriousness is non-existent, and he’s only at home in the role during the occasional bouts of slapstick, which hardly helps sell his role as an actor.«. Likewise the critic jordan mintzer expressed that Johnny Depp “offers some early thrills and then mostly yawnswith Depp dishing out what seems like a total of a dozen lines in respectable French, while remaining mute.«.

What is really certain is that his new appearance on the big screen did not leave very good reviews, since Johnny Depp was not seen doing a good job for his return to the cinema, much more serious, after the legal conflicts he had with his ex wife Amber Heardwhich stopped your acting work for a few years.