The renowned actor Johnny Depp, He is putting his return to performances at risk, according to close sources, in the same way that he is creating behaviors that put new hires in doubt, this given that since his controversial divorce with Amber Heard, the actor would have paused his participation in films.

Depp It has not stopped being news since his ex-wife’s lawsuits against him and vice versa came to light, as it was one of the most mediatic and expensive divorces known in the world. 2022.

And although his divorce proceedings have come to an end, the film producer of 59 years he continues to have pessimistic attitudes that do not allow him to perform his duties correctly or act as he should.

Close sources confirm that the return of Johnny to the performances it is not at all what was expected, and this is generating displeasure in the personnel that accompanies it. «It does not stop getting into controversy and generating anger on the filming set located in France, especially as a result of recording schedules“, say the journalist Bernard Montiel.

«Johnny Depp is a great actor when he’s on set… except sometimes the crew is ready at 6 in the morning and no one shows up. Then, Maïwenn gets upset and, the next day, she’s the one who doesn’t show up, but Johnny Depp does… she’s crazy» concluded the source.

Confirming that things are going very badly and thus it would be difficult to hire the musician again.