The legendary American actor was reunited with his beloved lawyer in Europe, moving all his fans.

Backstage at the concert organized by the star of Pirates of the Caribbean Johnny Depp, next to the guitarist jeff beck in Prague, Czech Republic, the actor was reunited with his lawyer Camille Vazquez, key piece in the legal victory of the actor against his ex-wife Amber Heard, in the court of Fairfax, Va.

Camille was at the concert with her partner Owen, 38, laughing and joking with the actor. Concluding here the rumors of a possible romance between Johnny Depp and Camille Vasquez.

Camille was widely praised for her performance during the trial, for which she received a promotion after success in the courtroom, putting her in the crosshairs of many fans of the actor.

Camille massively suffocated Amber in court, pointing out all the lies she told over the years to victimize herself and profit from the movement. #Metoo to take advantage of her ex-husband.

Rumors all pointed to real affection, thinking they might be in a relationship after seeing the couples’ tender interactions during the six-week trial that culminated in the verdict that Heard had maliciously defamed Johnny in the article. opinion published by The Washington Post in 2018, where heard She identified herself as a “victim of domestic violence.”