The legendary American actor is back in trend, after being seen with a mysterious woman in Italy. Who is it about?

The actor Johnny Depp was last seen in Italy, where he was present at the Santa Giuliana Arena for the rehearsals of the concert that he is going to give together with the renowned guitarist Beck.

However, what has most caught the attention of those present and of the Internet users on social networks, was that Johnny was not alone, but in the company of a mysterious woman, who until now is not originally known who it is. .

For its part, the renowned British newspaper TheDailyMail, was the one in charge of spreading a series of images where you can see the actor from Pirates of the Caribbean accompanied by a red-haired woman who followed him on his way through the place.

The actor could be seen getting out of a vehicle and the woman behind him. The young woman can even be seen carrying a backpack which Johnny chivalrously offers to carry.

Although it is not known what relationship the young woman has with Depp, some sources reported that she was staying at the same hotel as the actor. This has triggered rumors of a possible courtship with the 59-year-old actor, who is currently enjoying the legal victory he had against his ex-wife. Amber Heard for defaming him.