The legendary American actor has decided to say goodbye to her characteristic long hair, on the occasion of a new and renewed change of look.

Although the actor Johnny Depp at one point he thought his career in Hollywood was already finished, because of his legal conflicts with his ex-wife AmberHeard, in recent weeks he has already announced some new projects, including his new movie minamata, in which he will play a photojournalist and for which he had to undergo an incredible look transformation that has massively excited his fans.

The actor posted on his official account Instagram a video that his followers had the opportunity to see. In it you could witness the entire process that a team of stylists did to turn it into practically another person.

It was during this transformation that the actor said goodbye to his long hair and debuted a new look of much shorter hair with gray hair. They also put an artificial beard on him, also full of gray hair, seeking to achieve the right look for his role.

Depp has once again shown that he will always adapt in anything that leads to his movie roles, one of the reasons he is widely regarded as one of the most versatile actors in all of movie history. cinema.