Actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard They will be the protagonists of a new book that is already on presale in the United States, and that has caused several controversies.

The couple of actors were one of the most controversial in recent years, after having an enviable love relationship for several years, but later they were forced to attend the court of law for the lawsuit filed by the actress Aquamanin which he claimed to be a victim of domestic harassment by his partner.

The first of June of the year 2022 finally the trial ruled that the actress would have lied in her statements, so the actor Pirates of the Caribbean He managed to clean up his image, which had been quite tarnished and criticized by followers who did not know the case in depth. Well now, a year after the whole process, the controversial separation continues to give people something to talk about, and the marketing of a book has already been considered where the story of their love and separation will be told.

According to a report from New York Postjournalist Nick Wallis will make the important sequence of the most relevant events in all this history, in a book that will bear the name «Depp vs. Heard: The Unreal Story«, which as he has stated since next May 17 will be on official sale.

The main motivation of the journalist to tell the story through a book was: «I thought they were two troubled but fascinating human beings trying to find their way in the world. They went through an extraordinary process, developed on a global stage. I never thought it was seedy or shady«.

Among the controversies that have been seen on social networks it is possible to highlight: «Unreal is correct, not exact at all. By the way, if a photo of Johnny Depp with a black eye proves nothing, a photo of an injured Amber Heard (also proven to have been doctored), what does that mean? You do more harm to the world, let man be cured of his violence. she doesn’t deserve press«.

The followers refer to the actress with apathy, since although it was shown that she lied about the statements she made about her husband, now she is being given much more fame than she deserves as in this book, and her new role in the movie Aquaman, while Johnny Depp remains in the shadows.