The legendary American actor Johnny Depp He has again been accused of bad behavior on the set of his new movie. All this has happened while he is filming the French film Jeanne DuBarry, which is scheduled to premiere in December next year and will become the actor’s return to the big screen after his enormous legal conflict with his ex-wife, also an American actress Amber Heard.

When the controversies around Johnny Depp seemed to disappear, a new conflict has arrived to continue tarnishing his reputation in the public eye. And it is that according to media from France, the actor has had a bad behavior while he is filming his new movie for the big screen.

As reported by the French journalist Bernard Montiel in the program TPMP, Maiwenn, director of Jeanne DuBarry, and Depp have had a series of heated arguments throughout the filming of the film, which is currently in post-production.

“The differences that the two artists have maintained during the development of the film are due to discrepancies about shooting schedules,” the journalist commented.

The discussion was constant,” he said. montiel about the difficult relationship that both artists have maintained on the set during the filming of the film located in Paris.

In Jeanne du Barry, Johnny Depp will play the King Louis XV from France, who falls in love with Jeanne du Barry (played by her own Maiwenn) a woman who was born poor and climbed the social strata until she gained the confidence of the monarch to end up becoming his lover.

And you, are you waiting for the new movie of Johnny Depp?