Vanda Polkov and Jn Kolenk as vtzi Lets Dance (Bratislava, May 8, 2022)
| photo: TV Markza

When the actor thanked Rodim after winning the title, he cried. It was like your dream, they wrote later on the social walls of the new king and the queen of the dance floor.

The actor had a certain advantage over the other contestants in that he was engaged in ballroom dancing. During the competition, however, he gave perfect performances and won several times from the jury in the elephant moderator Adla Vinczeov, choreographer Jn Urovek, former dancer Tatiana Drexler and Cuban dancer Jorge Gonzlez full number of points.

In the second place of the seventh row of Lets Dance, the soldier finished, only the estranian Slovak president, model and actor Adam Bardy with Dominika Roková. After each of his final performances, he received applause while standing.

Bronze pka was played by actor Zuzan Ebov, who danced with Vilm rem znmm from the reality show Love Island. The pair won the jury in the finale.

Each pair in the finale danced the dance chosen by the jury, gave the dance according to his own choice and the team was freestyle. Jn Kolenk performed tango and chach, Adam Bardy played rumba and waltz, and Zuzana ebov, in addition to quickstep, played samba.

Actor Marek Faiang, actresses Diana Mrov and Kristna Svarinsk, MMA ensemble Attila Vgh, tennis player Dominika Cibulkov, reality show Love Island Aicha, comedian Fero Joke and moderator Michal Kovai performed at the celebrity show.