It’s known that Rose Y Jisoo of BLACKPINK have a close friendship dating back to their trainee days. Rosé and Jisoo have compatible personalities that they often show off when they are on variety shows. The members love to tease each other, which has inspired multiple comedic compilations on Youtube.

Like when Rosé was assigned her stage name and Jisoo nicknamed her “pasta” for the plate, pink pasta. Or when Rosé and Lisa Jisoo was teased for her kiss scene in her drama, snow drop. The two are showing off their close friendship again with Rosé’s latest Instagram post.

In Rosé’s post, she posed in a black dress in front of a mirror for a selfie. She shared one of her photos on her story, tagging Saint Laurent. Soon after, fans saw a similar photo on Jisoo’s story. the hyung of BLACKPINK a photo was taken in the same spot copying Rosé’s pose, which was quickly noted by fans.

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The BLINK have been waiting for new music from the group. They have been seen entering the YG Entertainment building recently, and posting clips inside the recording studio. They have also posted on Instagram from the dance studio of YG-Entertainment with choreographers.