For more than 35 years, the Robousy Volunteer Fire Brigade has taken care of its pride, a firefighter with the emblems of Prague, with whom it can compete and help with rafting. Lately, they have been afraid that others will miss the gem. Due to the damaged fire station of the armory and the cove, the deadline for state technical inspection passed and the town hall decided to sell it. The price was around 900 thousand crowns.

It is a property that has a high value, and according to that, the city has stood up to it as a pub. Due to the lack of technical inspection, the car was approved to announce an offer woman for sale. The price was proposed according to the expert opinion, it was 882 thousand crowns. When we published women’s offers on windy websites and Facebook groups, we encountered reactions that this is a real gem that has an authentic historical patina. Even the estimated price corresponded to the fact that it is an extraordinary piece, said the town hall Jan Jire.

The petition helped Erence

Hasim finally managed to secure a technical inspection. In their efforts to save them, a petition was added, under which more than 300 signatures were held.

They have been taking care of the old house since the 1980s, and they wanted to sell it. Due to the covid, the darkness was not used for some time, so the city became interested in it. Natst seized the petition among the people and managed to stop the sale, said František Svoboda, chairman of the Robousy Settlement Corps.

In the 80’s of the last century, the fire brigade in Robousy had the same type of vehicle, but in the original military green color and with a sail. More than five years ago, they acquired a new version of the Prague RN, which Eren and Erenka would say.

Year of production 1953. Erena got to nm in 1986 from Libn, when there got a new vz. I personally brought it then. We’ve been worried about her ever since. Let’s ride the dream, it will fit into our rubble. It served as an emergency vehicle when pumping water from wells, helping with floods. If we drank about her, it would be the first. We wouldn’t be able to ride without us, we wouldn’t be able to pull our stkaku and ebk. It is our heartbreaking, windy, old classic, which is often considered by the mayor of the Volunteer Fire Brigade, Milo Slvko.

And did the technical inspection fail for the car? Two years ago, the wind picked up the roof of an old fire station. The structural engineer decided that it could not be repaired and had to build a new one. We had to evict everything, and in the meantime we had Erena in the barn. There was a lot of coward, too much. When we didn’t ride with the dark, we didn’t give a technical one. And when we found out that the city wanted to sell it, the whole village revolted, Slvko said.

The town hall turned

The definitive left saw it in the middle, when the town hall renewed its contractual relationship with the fire brigade and leased the prague for another year.

We definitely appreciate that the vehicle is serviceable and in turn has a technical inspection. It’s up to you to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The car still belongs to the integrated protection system, it is fully functional, in good condition, so far you have not had major repairs. According to the report, 11 thousand kilometers, Jire said.

His words are confirmed by the commander of the Austrian fire brigade and the head of their great-grandmother Luk Vanek: It is our general pride where we go, admire it there. On St. St rides pkn. It is an old tiapllitr, it does not strengthen the brakes or women. For the rest of the day, zen dina, but not only the team but also the whole unit enjoys it. When we arrive, let’s whine.