Jin of BTS and his partner jhope, soon they will be able to be together completing their military service according to their agency. When the announcement was made a few hours ago, the senior member of the group immediately mocked his classmate for his early enlistment.

Today February 26 Big Hit Entertainment, announced to all the ARMY’S, as their fans call themselves, that a new member of the famous group of kpop would be making his preparations for his upcoming enlistment in the service of Korea.

J-Hope will be the second member, who, like everyone else, must fulfill his 18-month service, where he will help the government with the care of his country, just as the male inhabitants of the country do, when they reach their majority.

Although their fans are aware that each member will be attending the military, they still weren’t prepared to receive the news today which clearly caused a bit of angst. But, who was amused was Jin, who will already have been a soldier for 3 months.

While the fans were in charge of sending the singer positive energy, Jin commented on one of the posts “Welcome”, in a mockery of his partner.

And then he explained “If we happen to meet, don’t make eye contact because I’m a private and you’re a trainee LOL“, to which J-Hope responded with an emoticon that indicates” copied captain.

The news of the enlistment of the 7 members has not yet been assimilated by ARMY, but he hopes that when each one concludes with their function, they can meet again and continue making music.