Jin confess how difficult it is to deal with Sugaboth members of the group btsso sometimes Suga does not want to give in to the requests of the oldest member of the group.

All members of the group have shown to be sociable with each other, however, ARMY has noticed that the rapper is a bit more distant and less active than the others.

the rapper Suga has had trouble communicating and giving in to requests from group members, especially from Jin, because it subjects him to conditions that are not to the liking of the rapper; but as every problem has a solution, the interpreter of «The Astronaut«, has tried to find a way that Suga accept what Jin he asks.

In the recent interview that the singer gave to Park Myung Soo on your channel Youtube, Park I told him how it was to meet Suga. It all happened when the interviewer’s daughter called Minseo met the member of bts outside a sauna, the second she asked if she could be photographed with him and Suga I agree. Immediately Jin said: “Oh this is not common«.

Park I was surprised and asked what happened, kim seokjin He commented in the interview that it is very difficult for the rapper to accept photos, not even with the friends of the group. But finally after knowing him so much Jin found a way for him not to refuse the photos.

To be able to take selfies with suga, Jin you have to surprise him and have everything ready to proceed to capture, in this way seokjin could be giving more content to ARMY about the rapper Of course, he warned the other members to follow his advice.