bts has currently proven to be the best group in the category of k popwith the participation of the 7 members, have represented as the best bands in the whole world, and although they are recently going through their separation, the member Jin I reveal a condition that I wanted to express for a long time, and that it is very ugly to feel like this.

According to various interviews of BTS and places full of activities for ARMYJin is asked by the fans why he uses bandages on his fingers, giving as an answer that for a long time he has suffered from a disease that goes directly to his joints, it is affected from the base of the hand.

Since the disease that Jin has, is called by the doctors the Syndrome ehlersgive them (SED), is characterized by loose joints, because their skin is very elastic and is reflected through bruises that form, easily damaging blood vessels, producing a deformity in their fingers.

In this image you can see the stretching of Jin’s fingers, because it does not maintain direct orientation and is affected towards the connective tissues that mainly go from the skin, in cases of excessively flexible joints, they can dislocate and produce hyperelastic skin. , forming bruises very easily.

The treatment of help is to control the symptoms and possible complications with the provision of medicines, physiotherapy and sometimes surgery, although according to their report, the doctors said that in Jin’s case, he has the cure with the treatment of splints. on his fingers, making it clear that in various events and interviews, the observation of his illness, as something very difficult to force and annoying for him.

Assuring that a surgery was performed months ago, but that he feels bad, because he received a direct blow to his fingers, for this reason he has not been able to rest comfortably, expressing his colleagues that from now on they will always be watching him, and will not let let no one try to hit or disturb Jin on his fingers.

BTS certainly shows their friendship in the best way as a “family”!