Jin demonstrates his first solo activity, with the premiere of a Korean movie that features his participation as a debut actor in Korean dramas, and although many fans have revealed that he has not looked good, he was caught taking medication during an event.

According to his schedule, he has suspended every planned event, surprising fans with his distance in terms of participation, although most of the members have certain mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety and are exposed to public, this somehow presents a discomfort that affects their health, so Jin was noticed very strangely in a scene.

A video has circulated on social networks that has alarmed all its fans, due to that member’s reaction, because ARMY I managed to capture a moment within the premiere of the movie “Emergency Declaration”, a strange reaction of the singer, since he was isolated in a whole corner, in which he hits his chest several times and then takes a pill.

Currently it is unknown what type of medication the member uses, the truth is that he has gone through several anxiety attacks, during events and interviews, everything is reflected according to his attitude and the way he expresses himself, Jin despite everything is an unrivaled talented member who is without a doubt the best, but he has certainly featured many anxiety attacks, which fans fear and care about him a lot.

Some assure that it is a social anxiety, so he does not feel good and comfortable with many people, in a video with the group of btsthe idol showed a strange behavior while preparing a meet & great with the fans, hinting at what kind of anxiety he suffers from.