Fans of the famous South Korean group bts They are concerned about the alleged injury he has suffered Jin during his mandatory military service in South Korea. According to reports and several videos, the member of the Kpop group would have injured his shoulder during military training, which has aroused the concern of his followers around the world.

The news of the injury Jin has generated a large amount of comments on social networks, with many fans expressing their concern and sending messages of encouragement and support to the member of BTS. Some have also expressed their hope that Jin will recover soon and be able to return to his activities in the group.

It should be noted that compulsory military service in South Korea is an obligation for all men in the country, and its duration is approximately 18 months.

During this time, soldiers undergo rigorous military training and are required to carry out various tasks and responsibilities.

Fans hope that the group member will recover soon and can return to his military activities and that his injury is not too serious and does not affect his military service in the country. The fans of the group, for their part, continue to support their idol at all times through social networks.


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