Jin of bts he is doing well in his new job as a soldier in the army of Koreasome fans caught him doing his first jobs in the training center.

The artist who appeared at the training center last December 13thhas left many army a little sad, because it will be until the middle of the 2024 that they could see him again as a singer.

The vocalist of bts of 30 years, arrived at the military center Yeocheon aboard a black van, along with others where his groupmates apparently came.

The artist did not leave without leaving his followers with good memories, such as his last single in the company of Coldplay«The Astronaut«, and his funny presentation in various interviews. army however, he hoped to be able to fire him, but it was not possible out of respect for the families of the other recruits.

Although the media or the artist’s followers were not supposed to go on the day of his enlistment, the paparazzi would not take this day for granted and only a few went, thus capturing the first images of Jin in his new job.

army did not hesitate to leave him messages of support on social networks, hoping that he will return soon and be well in his 18 months as a soldier