Jin of bts 30-year-old opted for the Army, whose benefits are two to three months shorter than those of the Navy and Air Force, this phase of his life is expected to end around June of 2024.

Jin, the main member of btsarrived today at the military training center, since it is the beginning of his military service and dozens of fans and media gathered at the entrance of the place to capture the moment and see him off, however, he did not show up.

Both the artist and the group’s agency had urged fans of bts of not going to see his idol at his farewell, in fact, 300 members of the emergency response team were positioned at the entrance to the barracks in the face of the possible presence of dangerous crowds.

In any case, dozens of the artist’s followers and various media cameras ended up seeing how a convoy black vans with tinted windows were entering the military base, it is believed that the other members of bts They were also inside the vehicles that BIGHIT MUSIC he had set to get his partner fired.

The last photo of Jin, whose real name is Kim Seokjin, It is a selfie that he published on the social network Weverse two days ago with a military haircut that he says is “better than expected«.

The artist chose to serve in the Border Force, which is mandatory for all able-bodied men in South Korea, which is considered front-line combat, as it the two Koreas have technically been at war for over 70 years.