Kim Seokjin, better known as Jin group member BTS, confronted in front of many people, a comedian who in the past had made fun of the group, left him very embarrassed.

The member of the group k pop of 29 years, and who presented himself very soon for the military service required by South Korea, He did not want to confront this character, because he did not consider it fair that he had made fun of the group some time before.

The singer-songwriter recently released the song «The Astronaut»and for his promotion he had to grant interviews to various media, among these he had to be interviewed in the program or channel of Youtube, Hal Myung Soofrom the presenter Park Myung Soo.

The interview started off strangely. Jin began to remember when the comedian rejected a photo and made fun of them when they were just kids, he said: «Ah We met in the bathroom!.. And you said to leave quickly instead of taking photos“, right now Park put viewers in context and said, “In the past, 7 celebrities greeted me like, “We’re BTS,” in the bathroom and asked if they could take a picture with me.“, Y Jin answered he just said: “alright, just go«.

Park a little embarrassed by the episode, he said he felt bad for not treating the rookie well btsbecause he did not know they were so famous, and despite his remorse Park confessed that “The situation back then was… I was going to pee and bts casually came in a crowd and said look, a celebrity!” So I said hey! Hears! Go away because I’m peeing! That was what happened.»

when he said that, Jin it just reminded him that he was washing his hands when this happened, and there Park I am truly speechless and very sad.

Although Jin He did not hold back when narrating the rejection they suffered, the entire interview was seen joking and playing with the interviewer, once the confrontation was over, the two were seen having fun in the rest of the interview.

ARMY furious to find out that Park He would have treated the members like this, however they were delighted with the level of maturity that the singer had in not holding any grudges about it.