On February 14, the day of Valentine’s Day, and for this reason the ARMY remembered the moment when Jimin traveled from abroad to spend that special day next to Jungkook, fact that massively moved all his followers.

For him ARMY, The great brotherly love that exists between Jimin and Jungkook is something that they are very clear about. Both artists are very good friends and over the years they have confirmed it with compelling evidence.

One of those without a doubt was when the star dancer of BTS traveled from Japan to South Korea to see the golden maknae on Valentine’s Day, a fact that became a global trend in social networks.

The members of the group were at that time busy with other activities. professionals and artistic, but in the case of Jimin, he decided to return to his country and celebrate that special day with Jungkook.

The fans and followers discovered the fact thanks to some signatures that both idols left in the restaurant where they went to have dinner on that special day, so they quickly disclosed what happened and without any surprise it became an event in the media.

And you, would you like to see again Jimin and jungkook celebrating Valentine’s Day together?