The occurrences between the members of bts are often a reason for laughter and beautiful experiences for the ARMY. And in the case of friendship between Jimin Y Jungkook, is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and popular within the fandom, making different jokes that have been recorded in videos, like the time where the golden maknae He told Jimin that in the future he would “be her boyfriend”.

A few years ago, the members of bts they celebrated the birthday of jungkook with a small meeting, and behind the scenes of the occasion, they gave the artist a cake in order to make a wish, and the Golden Maknae made a confession that left everyone impressed because it was very romantic.

What happened was that Jungkook said “I’ll be your boyfriend in the future” and Jimin He was the one who reacted to his partner’s desire and ended up hitting him because of the shame he felt at that precise moment, causing a lot of laughter among the other members of the group. South Korean septet.

However, and after carefully analyzing the video, the fans clarified that the desire to jungkook “I’ll be your boyfriend in the future” actually meant it to the army and no Jimin, but some were overly moved by the supposed confession and by the pleasant moment that the idols They lived behind the scenes.

In other news, it is expected that jungkook Y Jimin enlist in the compulsory military service that governs in South Korea in the middle of the end of the year 2023. However, there is still nothing confirmed, so it remains to wait for future announcements of HYBE or of the members.