Recently, ARMY expressed concern after Jimin of BTS received calls from obsessive fans. After his Lollapalooza show, J-Hope surprised netizens by starting a live broadcast. Jimin finally joined him in giving fans some of the most heartwarming interactions possible.

When they finished thanking the fans, Jimin seemed to have heard a phone ring and asked, “Is someone calling you?“. However, J-Hope didn’t seem to have received any calls as she replied, “Nope“. Turns out it was Jimin’s phone that was ringing. At first, it didn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary when he went to get the phone.

That was until Jimin suddenly said in a scared tone, “Do not call me. ARMY, don’t call”. It seems that Jimin must have seen that it was an unknown number and recognized that it was someone who had obtained his number without his consent in the United States.

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It has become common within K-Pop for sasaengs to buy idols’ numbers and call them on the phone, and the watching fans couldn’t help but share their anger. However, it is not the first time that ARMY shares his concerns for the members of bts during live broadcasts.