The star dancer bangtan is surprised at Chicago, United States, where the music festival is taking place lollapalooza, and where one of his groupmates will give a concert tomorrow.

On the eve of the call ‘Hobipalooza’, Jimin has traveled to the United States. As reported by the media dispatch, the member of bts he goes to Chicago, the city in which he is J Hope currently and where the important music festival will be held, which is one of the most important in the world.

Jimin arrived at the airport Incheon in seoul on the morning of July 30, wearing an all-black outfit. The talented artist passed by greeting various journalists and fans who were waiting for him at the venue. Park He was protected by five people who guarded his personal space while he moved through the air terminal until he reached the plane where he boarded his flight.

ARMY points out that the show J Hope at Lollapalooza could be a point on his agenda. However, they also do not rule out that the idol has other individual activities.

Although nothing is confirmed, his fans are almost sure that the reason for his trip is to go see or even collaborate with J Hope on stage, so they are even more excited about this presentation that will undoubtedly be a success thanks to the talent of the idol