The love that they have Jimin Y Jungkook, members of the musical group kpop bts, crosses borders and any barriers. The idols They have shown great affection in all the years they have been as a team, something that amazes their fans. But one of the most beautiful gestures was when the star dancer of bangtan he gifted an adorable ring to his partner.

The members of the bayband They shared a very special moment and it was during one of their concerts Muster, where Jimin gave Jungkook a ring and excited the ARMY. The idol revealed that said accessory had a meaning that he would reveal later, and this further aroused the interest of fans, who believe that they share accessories as a symbol of their brotherhood.

Jimin and Jungkook are some of the favorite friendships of the ARMY and within the boyband, since both have shared very beautiful moments as friends, they have even traveled together and gone to Japan,

Jimin has done everything possible to show jungkook his love, how the youngest of the group and his younger brother.

The day that the golden maknae birthday, Jimin bought him an expensive cake and traveled to South Korea in time to celebrate his birthday, which moved his fans massively.

The ARMY doesn’t know how to prepare when the idols split up for the first time. military service, but deep down, they know that their love will remain intact and they will be there together again when they have fulfilled their obligations as South Korean citizens.