On the occasion of fashion week in Paris, Jimin of BTS stands with his groupmate jhope in the French capital, since both idols are official images of the brands Dior Y Louis Vuitton. However, what has really attracted attention is that Bangtan’s star dancer went to a party with a girl, leaving his fans stunned.

Although Jimin is usually quite reserved with his privacy like most of the idols, the artist has been seen at a party in the city of Paris, enjoying the night and sharing with other beautiful girls who were present in the place.

park jimin he attended a private party to which he was invited, where he was discovered with two girls with whom he was playing. The talented artist seemed to have taken it, so he allowed himself to be hit on the forehead by one of them as a challenge, leaving everyone speechless. ARMY.

The photos and videos have gone viral on the social media, Well, seeing Jimin being so open in that way, is a facet that is not usually known about the members due to their privacy and seriousness that characterizes them.

But what the ARMY enjoys the most about this party is that Jimin He seemed to be having a lot of fun, he even played with another of the young women who became the envy of his fans by having close contact with the idol and sharing a moment that would be a life dream for them.

And you, what do you think of this party that Jimin had?