Jiminmember of one of the most famous Korean groups in the world, btshas excited the army with a recent fact to which he referred, and which has him quite moved.

The members of the group have been forced to take a break from work because they Jinthe oldest member of the group, has been fulfilling his obligation as a man of Korearendering his military service for around 18 months.

However, the time they have spent without being attached to the group has allowed them to open up to new topics, as was the case with jhope and MRIwho have released their solo music after announcing the group’s hiatus.

It seems that he would be doing the same Jiminwho revealed in a live broadcast broadcast by the page of Weversehe Feb. 10 how excited he was to tell his fans one of his best secrets.

During his talk with armythe singer shared: “The album I’ve been preparing will be released around March. I would be very grateful if you look forward to it very much«, and after a few minutes of sharing the information, social networks were invaded by the happy news.

It certainly came as a surprise to fans of btswho are eager to hear the new album of the member of 27 years.