Jimin, member of the famous South Korean Kpop group bts, He confessed to his fans that he is suffering from a disorder that is related to his teammates, something that keeps all his friends worried. followers, since it does it recursively.

Through one of his most recent live broadcasts, Jimin assured that he has a disorder in which he dreams of 2 of his 7 classmates, and that he does so frequently. This statement she made through the platform Weverse.

There, he assured that he constantly dreams of his companions suga and Jin, and that in one of those moments, he dreamed that he was going to record a music video with them and after that they were going to eat.

However, this dream suggests that it was practically caused by how much he misses them both, since the star dancer of bangtan I would have at least five months without being able to meet with them due to the personal and professional commitments they currently have.

This fact has concerned the ARMY, since it is a clear proof that Jimin could be distracted by these thoughts in his current musical facet as a soloist. However, his fans are aware that the idol He is a professional and will be able to cope with this situation in the best way.