The singer Jimin of BTS recently showed off their collaboration with Taeyang of BIGBANG, in the song “VIBE» which was released on January 13, and although it has been a success, what surprised the ARMY the most was the way the BTS member does his dance in the music video.

KPop idols continue to make history with their hit songs, this time, and after 6 years the member of BIG BANGTaeyang, meets with the famous 27-year-old singer to carry out the musical production of the song, which so far has more than 26 million of views.

The member of bts He fulfilled his dream by collaborating with one of his KPop idols, Taeyang, who excels in singing and rapping, which is why the singer had great admiration for him. The idol of 27 years he began his solo performance with the premiere of the new song, and is expected to continue his tour later.

And although the armytheir fans, reacted positively to the song, they could not let their performance in the music video go unnoticed, and they have replicated their sensual dance several times on different entertainment platforms.

Jiminwho appears shirtless in several clips of the video, revealed that he had not been able to sleep since the release of the song for fear of reactions, but through the platform Weversethanked his fans for their full support.