Jimin, the member and star dancer of bts, shocked the army with one of her most daring outfits, which stole all the looks of her fans after daring to wear a sensual crop top suit that caught the attention of all fashion experts.

Throughout his career as artist In the Kpop industry, Jimin has used his own style and stamp when it comes to dressing, daring to wear different outfits that have attracted massive attention from the media and the public.

The idol He bears in mind the banner that clothing and clothing has no gender, something that in itself has been able to bring him some other criticism, but which, on the other hand, has allowed him to earn a place among the artists who stand out the most and who leave the most trend. in fashion.

And on one occasion, Jimin He dared to use something that was previously classified as “feminine”, but that he knew how to carry it in the best way. The Bangtan member donned a crop top as part of his wardrobe at a concert and for a photo shoot, leaving his fans speechless at how great it looked on him.

The army applauded the confidence he demonstrated park jimin when putting on the garment, which has become a trend among other stars in the clothing industry. kpop and other areas of the music industry.

And you, do you like Jimin’s fashion style?