Jimin, one of the members of the South Korean group of kpop bts, has launched a new collaboration with Taeyang of BIG BANG, thrilling all his fans, but drawing even more attention with his new and artistic dance steps, which have shocked the entire audience. ARMY.

Taeyang, one of the members of the Kpop group BIGBANG, is preparing all the details for the premiere of his first solo album. And with it, the release of the official single that will address the era.

said song is ‘VIBES’, which was released in collaboration with Jimin, one of the members of Bangtan, provoking all kinds of reactions the premiere of the official video of the theme.

However, what is immediately drawing the attention of the fans, are the new dance steps of Jimin, The same that has always been characterized as the best dancer in his group. And this time, he has shown it again.

The ARMY has viralized these dance steps of the artist, and they do not hesitate to learn how to choreograph them to be able to dance to the rhythm of Jimin, an idol who demonstrates with facts that he is a true talent in the scene Kpop.

And you, did you like the new steps of Jimin in the ‘VIBES’ video?