The epic attitude of Jimin of BTS that many fans have applauded, after they jhope his partner, and the renowned Becky G will interact in USA.

The group BTS despite the fact that it has been working without one of its members, after the oldest member of the group Jin joined the army of Koreastill continues to attend the most important events, and pleasing all his fans who are called the ARMY with music.

For this reason, it has recently been possible to show that some of the members of bts Solo they have released songs of their own authorship, while they are waiting for the group to join again, as the 7 members that they originally are.

And thanks to their indisputable talent, the boys have been able to meet their colleagues from different parts of the world, such as Coldplay, nicki minaj, Becky G, between many more. And it was just when they met the singer of 25 years of age, which revealed the epic moment that Jimin had to live, while his partner spoke with the also actress.

In the videos that circulate on the platform Twitter It is evident when the American-Mexican artist greets J-Hope first with a hug, and from afar greets Jimin; However, he wanted to approach her to kiss and hug her cordially, but when she saw that she continued talking to her partner, she chose to remain standing as if she were a bodyguard for both of them.

Undoubtedly, the moment was funny to his fans, since they did not expect the reaction of the main voice of BTS, while others saw his attitude of not interrupting the conversation in a good way.