Jimin and jhopeof btswere recently the topic of conversation of the armyall because of the iconic dance that both idols starred in, amusing and enchanting all their fans, the fantastic duo of BTS, recently got together again to perform some dance challenges for TikTok.

As expected, the filming of the video was full of jokes and endless laughter where the members of BTS first of all chose to have fun and then whether to fulfill the objective of their meeting. In addition, they gave unforgettable moments to the ARMY making very tender gestures that only the two of them could look good on, they could even appreciate the shyness Jimin at a particular move with J-Hope

After finishing the dance challenge where they performed “on the street“, they would immediately move on to the next choreography for acting as a couple, ‘like crazy‘ however, despite the fun attitude and the talent innate to both, Jimin couldn’t help but feel a bit ashamed for the previous dance, he could look embarrassed without raising his head.

Apparently he was too shy to look J-Hope in the eye to make the move. sexy danceand it’s not his fault, his handsome and energetic friend J-Hope’s charms were too strong!

And of course, it could not be missing, here you can see the fun and exciting video of Jimin with J-Hope doing their thing again: