All members of bts they have different personalities and that is what makes their group so complete and interesting. It’s also always intriguing to see what the members think of each other and the roles they’re given. This time it has been Jimin the one that has given each member a role to play and their dream place to relax.

In a recent interview with weverse, BTS Jimin described his ideal hideout for the members. Choosing a basement with a bar, pool table and darts, he opted for something that would allow members relax. Below, you can see the functions that he assigned to each of them:

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Jimin gave to J Hope cleaning job, which is perfect since it’s something she loves to do.

Based on the love of Jungkook for everything related to technology, Jimin gave him the role of fixing computers.

Jimin said that “the existence of MR is enough”, meaning that his only role is to be himself.

Suga would be the liquor purveyor, responsible for providing everyone with their favorite beverages!

The paper of Jin is none other than to entertain the members: it’s so funny that they can watch it and be entertained!

taehyung has the task of making everyone laugh, Jimin knows that the idol will not take long to fulfill his role.

Finally, Jimin has given himself two very important roles; order food and be the designated couch potato.