Certainly, users always tend to enjoy their vacations with the idea of ​​watching series and movies on the platform. Netflix, because they are comfortably in their homes and without any type of interruption, but a trend of the members that would cause them to see much more, were recently revealed in the main series entertainment catalogs.

They also state that in several Korean dramas, the members are usually participants in their publicity, since they share and recommend an exclusive list of various productions that they have viewed a lot on social networks and ARMY needs to know which ones they are. According to a publication that ARMY discovered among the members MR Y Jimin, it was revealed how excited they were for a series, which is currently sweeping Korea, with the best score in the top 10 on the platform, entitled “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, a drama that is a success on Netflix

This series has undoubtedly proven to be one of the best recommendations from users, because they express a way of knowing their idols, therefore, they describe an extraordinary lawyer who has conditions of autism and usually faces various problems in society and multiple cases. in his condition,

According to Jimin and RM’s reaction, they recreated a special greeting from the protagonist and her best friend’s character, considering that this series is among the first Korean rating records.

Below is the cute gesture expressed by the members in the “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” series: