This issue comes just a few days after Hunter, the song with which Rauw previously replied to Jhay Cortez. And after that video clip that became a trend, this forceful response has arrived in which we find phrases such as “Write me a song on WhatsApp, you would tell me”, “even my choristers put them in, prrr”, “the street is from Jhay”, ” I also wrote in Vice Versa you have to be crazy to throw me out of your head get that bad influence “…

It looks like Jhay Cortez and Rauw Alexander they will be the new ones Madonna Y Cher, since with their verses they have made it clear that they cannot stand each other. Jhay Cortez’s response to Rauw Alejandro’s attacks has taken the form of a song; its titled ‘EnterRauw’, and is already leading the trends across all platforms.

The video that accompanies the song and the production of the song feel especially poor compared to what Jhay Cortez usually releases, but it is an effect done on purpose. The singer wanted to make it clear that he wants to invest the minimum in responding to the stones that Rauw Alejandro threw at him in the song ‘Hunter’. This release came after Jhay Cortez implied Rosalía in a very disrespectful way in the lyrics of one of his remixes.

Salseo is in the air, and fans of the genre do not know whose side to take in this whole thing (or yes, because there have been haters a lifetime). It remains to be seen what all this is, but it is more than likely that Rauw Alejandro will not be left standing before such a demonstration of power by Jhay Cortez. The latter, on the other hand, has made it clear that, for him, the matter has been completely ‘buried’.

What do you think of this whole fight between Rauw Alejandro and Jhay Cortez?