a venerable jubilee, such as the 80th birthday, you are welcome. Whenever possible, calm down! Rocker Petr Janda has enjoyed a second week in a few days. The party was just full of it. For example, the phenomenal hockey player Jaromr Jgr (50) arrived at the request, so the legendary actress Jiina Bohdalov (91) was not missing. The birthday boy managed to have a birthday dance with his grandson’s girlfriend, who will be at the Only Fans social festival!

On Thursday evening, in the luxurious crack of the Le Palais Hotel, the frontman of the band Olympic Petra Jandy. The famous rocker, a friend and comrade, prepared two birthday parties in a few days.

In addition to family and friends from the gate, several famous personalities appeared at the second party. I fell apart. Umm to control, but I had lace, Janda joined CNN Prima News.

Apart from the family, the phenomenal hockey player Jaromr Jgr.

For example, the most famous Czech hockey player, Jaromr Jgr, arrived at Petro Jand’s.

Petr Janda Jr. with his girlfriend Kaenka and hockey player Jaromer Jgr.

Actress Jiina Bohdalov was present at the celebrations. Petr Kol also arrived.

Sexy Kaenka from Only Fans danced with Janda

Jand’s grandson, the talented saxophonist Petr, who is a student at a prestigious American university, shared a few photos of this very published document on his instagram profile.

Ndhern celebration it was! Mm t rd, Petr Janda’s grandson, who brought his sexy girlfriend to his feet, taught Instagram on Instagram Kaenku.

The young beauty, who is one of the biggest riders at the Only Fans social group and recently worked in front of the photographers of Express at the erotic fair in a sadomaso suit, managed to dance with the celebrant.

Petr Janda with his grandson Petr and his sexy girlfriend Kaenka, who is a Only Fans.

Kaenka can start!

While the seductive Kaenka and the famous rocker conquered the floor, Petr Kol sang the famous Olympic dog to them in the background. Give me some love.