Recently, jungkook Member of bts he mocked his teammates through a video, and this accusation has ARMYs rejecting the act.

BTS has had to live a separation from the group because several of its members will be absent, in order to provide the military service considered mandatory in their country. Korea.

For now, the members who must fulfill their role are Jin and J-Hope, the latter already doing his enlistment process, while Jin already has 3 months within his position as a soldier.

And although it is a separation that will take place for more than a year, ARMY did not expect how quickly the members will stop feeling their union as a group, and for this reason the followers have criticized one of Jungkook’s acts where he made fun of his companions .

The artist was inspired and drew all his friends in the least beautiful way possible, the admirable thing is that I draw each one depending on their characteristics. For MRI was inspired by his height and his muscles, to Jin I draw him with rather thick shoulders. TO suga He did it inspired by his moodiness and his facial expression.

jhope was drawn with what he does best, dance, and one of the most difficult was Jimin, whom he recreated with his eyes looking down and imitating his short stature. and finally to taehyung he drew it as a totally fat ball.

The drawings that were described as “scary” caused some fear for the future of the group, however, some followers recognized that the singer’s intention was never bad, and it was all a little joke.