The marriage between the American singer and dancer Jennifer Lopez and the actor, writer, screenwriter, producer and film director Ben Affleck, has caused one of the artist’s children, specifically Max, feel ashamed of both of them. The reasons, an act that the couple does in front of him and that makes him feel very uncomfortable.

If we talk about a current romance of hollywood That it’s hugely popular, we immediately have to give credit to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Their relationship has been very long and they were already separated. But after 20 years, the couple finally took the big step of getting married and uniting their two families.

And it was there where Max, one of the three sons of Jlo, he has felt some embarrassment for his mother and stepfather, since they habitually kiss in front of him and his brothers.

This situation would make the child feel somewhat uncomfortable, since he is not used to seeing these kinds of scenes in front of him, much less his famous and iconic mother.

Despite that feeling of the little one, the relationship he has with Ben Affleck it’s very good. In fact, sources close to the marriage have been quite impressed by the very warm relationship that Jlo’s children have with her stepfather.

And this does not only happen with the children of the “Bronx Diva” since the children of Ben They also get along perfectly with the interpreter of ‘On The Floor’.

And you, would you also feel embarrassed to see your mother kiss her stepfather in front of you?