Lto famous couple of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez They have been in the spotlight of the media due to tense moments they have had and have been caught on camera at the latest events they have attended together.

Recently, during the last ceremony of the Grammys 2023Jennifer was upset and said something in Ben’s ear, where later the rumors on social networks revealed that JLo was trying to encourage him to show more joy.

In it super bowl this year, which is one of the biggest national entertainment events in the United States, Ben took the opportunity to use these awkward moments to his advantage, thanks to advertising for the brand Dunkin ‘Donuts, where the couple could be seen recreating a funny scene for the vast majority of viewers. In the commercial, Ben Affleck played the person in charge of taking orders at a local chain while Jennifer Lopez he surprises him by asking him what he was doing.

What are you doing?
This is what you do when you say you’re going to work all day?

This commercial has been a success and has managed to overshadow the couple’s past “problems”, showing that fame and a sense of humor can be a perfect combination. The advertisement has been widely shared on social media and has generated a large number of positive reactions from viewers.