Jennifer Lopez never ceases to amaze us with the details of your wedding with Ben Affleck, since months ago they said yes at the altar, but in a recent statement he revealed why they decided to get married earlier in Las Vegaswhere his official wedding was with close friends and family and he said it was not in a hurry, but because something really was out of his control.

In a ceremony held in June 2022, Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleck traveled to Las Vegas for a romantic wedding night in a local traditional white church in town. Although they were married to other people before, their love is enough to make that night unforgettable.

Thanks to Jennifer’s portal”On The Jlo» The «Bronx diva» and Ben Affleck counted their vows while giving each other their wedding rings. This quiet gesture is engraved in the memory of those who were there and is something that the couple will remember forever.

In a recent interview withAccess Hollywood“Jennifer revealed that they were concerned about the weather in Georgia, the place where they had planned the family ceremony, because they did not know if it would rain a lot or if it would not be too hot that it would make all the guests feel uncomfortable.

For this reason they decided to prepare the wedding without fear and said:

We escaped to Las Vegas and got married a month early to de-stress.

And he added that the idea was the work of Ben Affleck, which shows that he is a very romantic man with the famous JLo.

So the reason for the unexpected wedding in Las Vegas was the weather to later do their intimate ceremony in another state.