The iconic American singer and dancer Jennifer Lopez, would again be in a marital crisis with the actor, director, screenwriter and film producer Ben Affleck, after they were seen arguing several times in the last 10 days.

If there is a pair of hollywood The one that stands out and gives a lot to talk about is the marriage made up of Jennifer López and Ben Affleck. Their marriage has a lot of history, they were dating for more than 20 years and it wasn’t until last year that they came back and decided to get married. From there, the networks have filled all their attention in their relationship.

However, their marriage He has had several problems, and one of them is due to the different differences that exist between them and that he has them again in rumors of a crisis that could portend an eventual separation.

The most recent discussion they had, and which was seen by millions of people, took place at the most recent awards ceremony. GRAMMYs, where the couple attended and from the “Bronx Diva” gave the award to ‘Best Vocal Pop Album’.

However, what really caught the attention of the two was the discussion they had in alive and that evidenced the great differences that exist between them.

Ben seemed rather unsympathetic throughout the ceremony, and jlo he noticed his attitude and asked him to be more friendly. However, the winner of two awards Oscars he only showed a more disgusted face.

the interpreter of ‘On The Floor’ she was also annoyed by her husband’s response, and several present affirmed that the couple ended up going very upset to their residence in The Angels after the ceremony was over.

Affleck’s bad attitude went viral on networks, where many wondered what the reasons for their discontent would have been. Many fans took the task of comparing the actor’s attitude while he is with other friends versus when he is with his wife. And the results show that the actor feels much happier when he is enjoying himself with his friends.

And you, what do you think are the reasons why you currently Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck aren’t they getting along very well?