Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleck They were recently caught arguing during a public event, apparently the love between the couple is having serious problems.

The couple made up of the Puerto Rican actress Jennifer López and Ben Affleck, began their second relationship and formally engaged after being separated for more than 20 yearsbut everything indicates that the second attempt to sustain a love relationship would be coming to an end.

The current spouses, who at the beginning of their second relationship seemed very loving, would be having some marital disagreements, and they were caught on camera having an argument regardless of the public gaze.

Although in the course of the relationship, Jennifer She has always disagreed with some of her husband’s behaviors, they had never publicly revealed their indifference.

However, a few days ago a tiktoker uploaded a video to his personal account Life With Mattwhere you could see the face of Jennifer Lopez while she is sharing with her husband at a public event.

The diva from the Bronx had a glass in her hands from which she would be drinking alcohol, while her husband is enjoying the moment without drinking, so the video shows when affleck warns you Lopez that you should not be taking.

«Jen, I haven’t had any of that.«, Ben comments, while the singer looks at him with a face that undoubtedly showed her displeasure at the comment; however, he continues to question him, immediately afterwards Jennifer he chooses to put the glass away from her.

According to the media, the discussions between the couple have not had any end, on the contrary, on any occasion they can notice the displeasure in different behaviors.